Gdzie jesteśmy?
Gdzie jesteśmy?

Nowowiejskiego St. 1, 72-600 Świnoujście

Witamy w Villi Antares

We invite to Świnoujścia State on Island warmly I will Recognise where our Villa Antares is. The building be laid in the health the resort district of city, in close distance - about 150m - from the most beautiful beach of Polish coast, which gives You the possibility full the utilization of values of seaside microclimate. We assure varied rest, in dependence from the customer who can be joint with healing interventions' individual needs relaxing and rehabilitation.

In freshly renewed building, surrounded beautiful natures grow green, we desire to tender You comfortable, cosily prepared rooms and apartments about high standard. In every of them except comfortable pieces of furniture, the television set is as well as the modern sanitary knot.

We in our Villa guarantee You nice atmosphere, superb rest, very good kitchen as well as professional service by whole day. Encourage to using from our restaurant, in which we assure healthy the and tasty meals, as well as from superbly stocked the drink of bar.

In vicinity the Villa Antares can the State find the tennis tennis-courts, swimming-pools municipal, open the border passage we which can be successful to Ahlbecku the Heringsdorfu, Bansinu and yet further, the bicycle paths after Polish the and German side the, lending shops of bicycles, of Hot springs the Baltic Ahlbeck and many different attractions. The thanks can the local firms the State be successful on trip to Germanys, Scandinavia as well as the LEGOLAND, HANSA the PARK, HEIDE the PARK, and also in cruises the ships of White Fleet.